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Aims & Objectives

  • To strive for efficient tax administration and the Revenue interests of the Nation.

  • To promote and safeguard the interest, rights and privileges of all the members of the Federation whether posted in the Central Excise, Customs or any other organisation.

  • To promote and foster the unity amongst the members of the unit and also between the officers of the other cadres.

  • To give vent to and secure redressal of the grievances of the members and settle the differences and disputes by Constitutional, democratic and peaceful means.

  • To present the Government the common cause of the members irrespective of racial, communal or regional considerations.

  • To prevent discrimination of any individual member in the matters of promotion, transfers and other matters by the administration.

  • Besides the above, any other objects, which the Federation shall consider significant and necessary for the common good of the Members.

  • To perform all the tasks, which are necessary to attain the above objectives.



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